Shoot Video on the Go with the Padcaster 2.0

Last summer saw the introduction of the Padcaster, a frame for the iPad that lets video-makers attach professional audio and lighting gear, as well as a tripod, turning their favorite tablet into a full-fledged video solution. It looks like the original was a success, because here comes the Padcaster 2.0.

Padcaster2Not yet available from the Padcaster website, the new version has been upgraded so it can handle a wider variety of video accessories. It also offers larger openings, so owners have an easier time accessing the tablet’s buttons and charging port.

Here’s a breakdown of the version 2 changes:

  • The headphone pass-through opening has been enlarged. This lets users connect heavy-duty headsets to their iPads.
  • The frame’s urethane inset now has less padding, giving owners easy access to the iPad’s charging port, power button, and volume buttons.
  • Two rubber pads have been added to the bottom of the Padcaster, giving owners a steadier hold when mounting a DSLR camera.

If you want the Padcaster 2.0, currently the only way you’re going to get it is to help finance the iPad Mini version.

Yes, an iPad Mini version is in the works. The creators have turned to Kickstarter to finance an iPad Mini Padcaster. They’re looking for $30,000 for development costs, and so far are $25,000 short. If you’d like to kick in, visit the Kickstarter page. Anyone who contributes $129 or more will get the updated version of the original Padcaster — if the project gets funded, that is.

Scroll down to view for a 24-hour video created by the Padcaster team.


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