How the Online Video Advertising Market Will Shift in 2014

Online video advertising is growing, says a 2013 Q4 State of the Video Industry report created by Adap.TV and Digiday. In 2013, brands increased their video budgets an average of 65 percent from the previous year. Ad networks and agencies also increased their spending. While experts once predicted that broadcast TV ads would diminish to fund the growth in online video ads, the report show that the search and outdoor advertising are expected to be tapped more.

AdapTVWordCloudThe report looks ahead to what will happen with online video advertising in 2014. This word cloud (shown at right) is made up of the responses from ad buyers on how online video advertising will shift in 2014. The report also predicts these changes in the coming year:

  • The Winter Olympics will be a big draw for online video advertising. Online video gets more sophisticated with each Olympics, and advertisers see Sochi as a great opportunity for branding.
  • Ad buyers will be looking for premium inventory purchased through programmatic buys. They’ll also want measurements that let them compare online and TV ad effectiveness.
  • Publishers expect mobile video to take off this year. Well, they’re hoping it does.
  • Programmatic ad buying — where purchase are automated according to rules set out by the buyer — will grow in 2014, even into television advertising.

Download the State of the Video Industry report for free. Registration required.


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