WeVideo Launches Offline Video Editor: WeVideo Next

Collaborative online video editors such as WeVideo are useful for teams, but have one built-in limitation: What do you do when you don’t have an internet connection? Do plane trips and internet dead spots mean you can’t do your work?

WeVideoNextWeVideo believes it has solved that problem with the release today of WeVideo Next, an app for the Chrome browser. With Next, customers can start editing a video even when they don’t have a connection since they don’t need to upload content to their online account first. They can edit a project and, once they’re back online, WeVideo Next synchronizes the work done offline with the team video account.

Editing tools available with WeVideo Next include the ability to trim clips, add captions, and publish completed works to Google Plus. The offline editor works with locally stored video, and will also auto-search local libraries for video assets.

Working offline with WeVideo Next requires the Chrome browser. WeVideo also has iOS and Android apps for capturing, organizing, and (with the Android app) editing videos.

The company sees WeVideo Next as a bridge between desktop and online applications. As Jostein Svedset, WeVideo’s CEO and co-founder says, Next lets customers edit anywhere and sync up when it’s convenient for them.


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  1. Im interested in this program. I have windows 10, ipad, iphone, and plan to get a mac. will my purchase allow me to use this program off line and on my other computers beside one? thank you, bob

    Posted by robert spyane | October 30, 2017, 8:46 am
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