Trident and Dunkin Donuts Bring the Power on Online Video to TV

Online video provides brands with a platform to innovate and experiment that television never could. Now, companies are bringing the power of online video to standard TV commercials.

Last night, during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” pregame show, viewers saw a Dunkin Donut’s Vine video of a Dunkin latte flipping a coin, signaling the start of the football game. While it lost one second to fit into ESPN’s five-second ad format, it looks like it was the first TV commercial created from a single Vine video.

VineTridentToday, the people at Trident Gum announced that their experiments with Vine video marketing have gone so well that they’re bringing a six-second Vine ad to the Fuse music channel. Trident had already worked with Vine superstars Nicholas Megalis and Rudy Mancusco to create a series of four online Vine ads. Starting today, they’re airing the most popular of those four ads on Fuse. The campaign starts today and will repeat the ad 100 times in the next two weeks. The Trident campaign is definitely out there, and should appeal to younger viewers.

Even these weren’t the first TV spots to use Vine video, however. Last week, Virgin Mobile began running 30-second commercials created from contest-winning Vine videos. The spots ran on Comedy Central and MTV.

The lesson for video marketers is clear: Online offers a great place to innovate, and it doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. Once you’ve found something that works, carry it into new channels, even broadcast or cable television.


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