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Put a Price Tag on Your Webcasts and Make the Case to Management

It stands to reason that webcasting presentations to your employees will save money compared to flying people in for events, but how munch money will you save? Or perhaps, how much cost will you avoid?

CorporateVideoWhat webcast professionals need is a formula to demonstrate to management how much less expensive webcasts are than face-to-face meetings. Offering such a formula along with plenty of real-world advice was Darrell Prowse, webcast producer and director for the Boeing Company, speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City. It’s possible to put a dollar figure on webcasts, Prowse said.

“They’re really big on distance communications,” Prowse said of his employer. “Global Boeing has 170,000 employees in all 50 states and 70 countries. In addition, we have thousands of suppliers that supply parts for all sorts of military and commercial products. We have to have constant communications between the company — the mother ship — and all these suppliers and employees. Using distance communication has been a big part of the company for a number of years. That’s how we’ve been able to stay a viable, profitable company for so long.”

When Prowse talks about webcasts, he’s speaking from experience:

“We did 175 so far this year. Last year, we did 444 webcasts. Of 170,000 employees, we had 145,000 log-ons in the live thing. This is what is interesting that you can’t get from server logs: We had 184,000 viewers. So it’s 40,000 more than what the server logs would indicate, because all they can do is track computers. We ask them how many people, so it tells us that there’s another 10,000,” Prowse said. “Since 2006, when we first started this tool, we’ve had 2,500 webcasts with a total of 1,297,000 viewers.”

To learn how Boeing saves money with webcasts and what the formula is for computing webcast savings, watch the full video below and download Prowse’s presentation.


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