Learn From the Best: How Entertainment Brands Succeed on YouTube

It’s no surprise that premium video is succeeding on YouTube. Online video products and services company Outrigger Media released a report today called Top Entertainment Brands on YouTube, which analyzes the 375 top video brands on the site and finds that the top 100 entertainment brands deliver over 1 billion YouTube views each month.

YouTubeArrowBut these brands — which include ESPN, Nintendo, BBC, and TMZ — aren’t succeeding just because they have popular content. They also have clearly defined YouTube strategies:

  • TV shows have an advantage over movie studios, since they can serve fresh content on a consistent schedule. Personality-driven shows, such as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” are doing the best.
  • Comedy is a big draw: While the report found that TV comedy shows published the fewest number of videos per channel, they enjoyed especially high view rates.
  • Viewers prefer targeted content. Umbrella channels — which include all of a studio’s properties — typically perform worse on YouTube than channels for a specific property.

These entertainment channels have plenty of room to grow, however. The report notes that the top 100 channels on YouTube include only 5 of the top entertainment channels looked at here.

The report, Top Entertainment Brands on YouTube, is available for free download, no registration required. Outrigger uses its OpenSlate video analytics platform to create audience and engagement metrics for top properties.


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