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7 Essentials for Smart YouTube Marketing

Ready to get smart with your company’s YouTube marketing? Pixability, a marketing and advertising company that focuses on driving success on YouTube, has released an excellent report entitled “The Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube,” and it’s packed with lessons the firm has learned in its work.

In the report, Pixability shows that YouTube marketing is a must for global brands. It notes that the top 100 global brands have gone from having just a few dozen YouTube uploads five years ago, to having over 10,000 cumulative uploads per month last year. Those brands count over 9.5 billion YouTube views and over 258,000 uploads.

YouTubePageIn the report, Pixability offers these seven essentials for companies looking for their own YouTube successes. This is what the top global brands do right. These lessons are simple and smart, and should guide the YouTube strategy of any company that creates videos.

1. Make lots of content: Once you’ve got your customers’ attention, keep it. Get them to subscribe to your channel and keep them entertained with a steady supply of new videos. Pixability found that that most successful brands offer 50 percent more videos on their YouTube channels compared to the least successful ones.

2. Practice good video SEO: Videos aren’t much good if no one can find them, and there’s a lot of competition on YouTube. Use tags and descriptions to help viewers find your videos on YouTube. Pixability found that the best performing 25 percent of top global brands take more care with video SEO, maintain more playlists and use more video tags.

3. Use different videos for multiple touchpoints: Understand that some customers will look to your videos for basic information, while others will need deeper knowledge. Create multiple videos to satisfy customers anywhere in the marketing funnel.

4. Link videos to marketing initiatives: Your YouTube videos need to work with your company’s overall marketing goals, supporting the messaging you put out. Pixability says that successful video marketers will create videos even for a small but engaged audience, such as participants at an event.

5. Ensure each video has branding: Thanks to YouTube sharing options, your videos can end up being shown on a variety of sites. That’s a good thing. Make sure viewers always know which videos are yours by including branding in both the video and the description.

6. Invest in more content, not more channels: While you might be tempted to make multiple channels for different product initiatives, that’s not what the top brands do. Create one main channel and then use playlists to organize your videos within it. That helps customers find all your videos.

7. Engage community via social media: When you create online videos, you’re entering a conversation with your customers. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Vine to deepen that conversation and to send traffic back to your YouTube channel. People on social networks often share content, says Pixability, and videos are perfect for sharing.

For more YouTube advice from the top global brands, download the full Pixability report for free, no registration required.


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  1. Great food for thought! I do have to make more videos and content. It’s super fun for me to make videos but I can’t think of any more ideas!!

    Thanks again.

    Posted by Alexander John | September 17, 2013, 3:38 am
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