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6 Questions to Ask When Creating Corporate Video

By now, businesses big and small know the importance of having online video on their sites (and on their YouTube channels) to communicate with customers. But that doesn’t mean every business is ready to make them.

To help out companies that are still trying to decide how to approach online video, The Manhattan Center, a video production facility in New York City, created six questions to ask before shooting begins. While creating online video might seem overwhelming, these six questions will help you plan out your work.

VideoScreens1. What’s the purpose of this video? Decide who your audience is and what content will best reach them. Should you be serious or funny? Should you provide an introduction to your services or deep product knowledge?

2. What’s the image you want to project? Is yours a conservative financial firm or a playful home decorating establishment? Do you want to look cutting-edge, humorous, or serious? Reflect this same tone in all your online branding.

3. What’s your budget? Online video doesn’t have to be expensive. You can shoot great video on an iPhone and host it for free on YouTube. But some companies will want to show more of a professional gloss in their work.

4. What format should your video take? This doesn’t have to be a 30-seocnd commercial. You’re free to use whatever form suits you. Create a documentary, interview, or promotional video if it best represents your company.

5. What will the content be? Creating a strong script is the first step here. Since this is video, it’s a good idea to create a storyboard, as well, so you know exactly what shots you want to get.

6. Where will you film and edit? Editing software is now inexpensive, and you don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent looking video. Some companies will want to hire a professional, though, to get a more polished end result.

Don’t overthink the process; just get started, get some video up, and see how your customers respond. Your competitors may well already have video online, so get your message out there.

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