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3 Tips for Video Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

Getting a product video to go viral, that takes a lot of work and skill. But simply not sucking, well that’s easier.

For the newcomer to video marketing, Michael Rogan has written Video Marketing That Doesn’t Suck, available for the Kindle or as an audiobook. With a title like that, Rogan knows how to grab the viewer’s attention. To demonstrate just how simple not sucking can be, Rogan offers these three introductory tips:

DoesntSuck1. Don’t Sell So Much. “People think YouTube videos are sales videos,” Rogan says. “They aren’t. They are lead generators disguised as how-to videos. Mess this up and you might as well not even make the video.” Entice the viewer to get more information, but don’t try to close the sale in a three-minute video.

2. Show Some Passion. Or, to put it another way, give a crap about the subject you’re speaking about. “If you don’t seem interested in what you’re discussing, how is the reader supposed to avoid a coma?” Rogan says. “Be passionate. Or pretend to be passionate. And be interesting.”

3. Tell the Viewer What to Do. Once the viewer has seen your excellent online video, now what? “You gotta give ‘em an action to perform at the end of the video. Whether it’s signing up for your email list or visiting your website, or buying your fancy widget…tell ‘em what you want them to do. Don’t infer!” Rogan insists.

The idea behind video marketing is simple, Rogan says: Help the viewer out. Leave it to the press release to describe a new product or service. Videos can go beyond that and help viewers with problems.

For help on avoiding common video marketing mistakes, download Video Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.


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  1. I think you raise some nice points here, however I think it’s worth mentioning how important personalisation is. It’s important for businesses to put themselves in their customers shoes by thinking about ways to solve real life problems through video. This is something a lot of brands, such as Virgin and Ikea are doing so well. Provide the right solutions and you will reap the benefits.

    Posted by Mike | September 3, 2013, 1:34 am
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