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Vine Tips for Brands from a Vine Video Megastar

In the world of Vine, Nicholas Megalis is an international superstar. That’s because this Greek-descended New York City-based musician has more Vine followers than anyone else, currently around 2 million. If you want to see why he’s so popular, follow him on Vine and view a few of his six-second creations. He’s fast and funny, and you’ll probably find yourself laughing out loud as you quickly watch a dozen or two of his works.

MegalisMegalis was recently interviewed by CNBC where he tossed off some excellent tips for businesses that want to make Vine a part of their video marketing efforts. Vine is the perfect low-investment way to connect with customers, but it demands a specific approach. Here are some of Megalis’s tips.

Start on Vine already! Don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat, just because Vine has already taken off. Great content can make an impression at any time.

Have fun with it. This isn’t the place for poring over marketing data and worrying about demographic targeting. This is the place to have a good time. Show that your company has a personality and a sense of humor. Enjoy the low-budget spontaneity of Vine videos.

Respect your audience. Don’t talk down to your viewers, and don’t treat them with distance. Instead, pretend you’re sending a video to a good friend. Vine is an intensely personal medium, and the perfect place to make a human connection. Don’t let your Vine videos feel like ads.

Make it rewatchable. Vine videos should be fun and exciting, says Megalis. They’re only six-seconds and they loop automatically. Give your viewers something fun that they’ll enjoy seeing a few times in a row.

In the end, remember that Vine is a community. There are millions of people in it creating original work and enjoying other people’s work. Companies jumping in need to embrace that community. Re-Vine and comment on other people’s work. And have a good time.


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