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Turn Your Office Videoconference Solution Into a Streaming Studio

Does you company have a videoconferencing area, one made for executives so they can have a little facetime with remote offices? If so, you already have a web broadcasting studio ready to go.

Videoconferencing studios and online video studios use the same equipment, so companies that have made an investment in videoconferencing are ready to go with online video. At the recent Streaming Medea East conference in New York City, Accenture’s video service delivery lead George Levar explained how Accenture built a videoconference area several years back to save on travel costs for senior management.

Videoconference“That was very much a travel-avoidance cost-driven decision. What we’ve done since then is to look at this as integration with webcasts as a way to increase the value you get from your videoconference and telepresence investment without having to do too much additional investment,” Levar explained. “Your videoconference and telepresence is some cost of bandwidth you have and the network to make all that connect is already there. So, if you can integrate it well into your streaming, you then transform these videoconference end-points from a point-to-point device into a global broadcasting device.”

While the studio might seem simple by online video standards, it does the job of letting senior executives communicate what they need to say.

“We have moved through that over the course of about the last three years. We now have a broadcast center in Chicago. It is essentially a television-quality broadcast facility built specific for taking videoconference endpoints and generating broadcast webcasts that have graphics and lower-thirds and scroll-ins,” Levar said. “What we see is that, yes, people like the quick-and-dirty webcasts, and if an executive gets his message out, then that’s fine.”

In large companies, the only way that senior executives can communicate to the full employee base is with some kind of online video solution. For more on creating a unified communications solution, watch the full video below.

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