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3 Tips for Selling Houses With Online Video

Online video is a useful sales tool for products both large and small. Even homes sell more quickly when the real estate agent offers online videos. Actually, video is an especially smart tool for real estate, since it allows buyers from across the country to virtually visit a home without having to travel.

HomeSalesTo help real estate professionals get more out of their videos, the Real Estate Marketing Insider recently put out a press release with three useful video sales tips. While the REMI site itself looks a little sketchy, these tips are excellent. They were written with housing sales in mind, but they’re good pointers for anyone selling goods with online video.

1. Showcase the Property, Not the Agent

Anyone who clicks on an real estate sales video is doing so to see the house, not the seller. Don’t feel you need to be in every scene showing off the cabinets and amenities; you’ll only get in the way of what the viewers came there to see. While it’s fine to record a short introduction with the seller in order to personalize the video, only show the house itself after that and confine comments to a voiceover track recorded during editing.

2. Write a Script and Use It

Talking and thinking at the same time is harder than it looks. Maybe that’s why so few people do it. While you might think you can improvise your lines when recording a voiceover track, you’ll likely sound unfocused and unprofessional. Instead, write a script and read from it. Having a script ensures that you’ll mention all the features you want to mention, and you’ll sound professional doing it.

3. Use a Variety of Camera Angles

Don’t let your videos grow stale; freshen them up with interesting camera angles. Give your real estate video some energy by blending in shots taken from a low or high angle, or zooming in on an interesting feature. If one of the videos on your site gets an especially high number of views, re-watch it to learn what viewers liked about it.

If you have more tips for selling homes with online video, please leave them below in the comments.

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  1. One important tip: do use a professional voice over and do not voice the video yourself. Often people invest lots of time and money in making a great video to showcase a house, but then deteriorate the experience by voicing the video themselves.

    A great company I can recommend we always work with is Inter Voice Over:

    There are also many online sites where to find suitable voices. A professional voice really won’t break the bank.

    Posted by Michael de Boer | July 12, 2013, 4:04 am
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