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How One Start-Up Raised $500K With Help From Online Video

With so many businesses competing for mindshare and dollars in today’s saturated marketplace, how will yours stand out? One way to create buzz, extend reach, and drive marketing and sales goals is through video communications. Most companies use online video to reach online audiences, but video can also be used in a business-to-business sales process to achieve certain objectives across the sales funnel. Best of all, professional videos can result in higher ROI for even the smallest companies.

VoilaChocolatTake for example Voilà Chocolat. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and love for chocolate, the start-up’s founder and CEO, Peter Moustakerski, set out to make his dream a reality. Armed with a sound business plan, Moustakerski used his business-to-business sales video to stand out. He used his video to differentiate himself from other start-ups and break the monotony when connecting with venture capitalists (VCs) who sometimes tune out after listening to pitch after pitch. Moustakerski stresses that “to get a VC’s attention, you have to really stand out and video is one way for you to stand out.”

Moustakerski quickly realized the type of return he could reap from including business video content, which ultimately led to his company raising close to $500,000 in first-round funding.

Prior to using his promotional video, Moustakerski had spent months pitching to VCs and spending that valuable time just explaining his concept. His decision to turn to video streamlined his presentation and sales process so his audience could quickly grasp his business concept. Choosing to use video was also the key to his ultimate funding.

“I was able to incorporate video into my presentation, and at the end of each one, I’d watch the audience reactions — they were all smiling, nodding and getting it,” Moustakerski said. “I found myself completely in a place where I successfully communicated the power, emotional engagement and content of the concept within 1 minute and 26 seconds — without having to say a word…The presentation became smoother and more meaningful, allowing me to proceed with the business side of it.”

Backed by upbeat music, the video features a sophisticated montage of customers of all ages engaged in the enjoyment of hand-making high-end chocolate. The 1:26-video represents what Voilà Chocolat’s business plan is all about: “Chocolate made by you.”

Moustakerski’s use of business video directly in his sales process can be applied to the marketing and communication challenges of every B2B company: how to quickly inform and differentiate your business from the competition. Done right, there’s no better marketing technique than well-crafted online video communication.

Business videos can be used in daily sales and marketing activities to streamline communication so prospective buyers can more quickly understand concepts. This benefits sales teams by creating more educated and qualified prospects, and saves time to focus on what’s most important.

“There’s nothing like something that’s out of the ordinary to get people’s attention. And video for me has done it each time,” Moustakerski says.

As companies are just starting to appropriate budgets for video content — from thought leadership to social media to SEO and sales conversion — look to cases like Voilà Chocolat that clearly prove companies of all sizes can see an impressive ROI from their business sales video.

Brainshark’s 21 Quotes on Why Video Marketing ROCKS says it best: “Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.”

Your prospective customers couldn’t agree more!

Guest post by Robert Weiss, president of video production and marketing company MultiVision Digital. Weiss has over 14 years experience in internet marketing and sales processes. MultiVision Digital specializes in assisting New York- and New Jersey-based companies develop online video marketing strategies that increase sales, leads, and client loyalty.


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