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4 Easy Steps to Master the YouTube One Channel Redesign

Did you notice your company’s YouTube channel looking a little different yesterday? Did you notice everyone’s YouTube channel looking a little different yesterday? That’s because YouTube finally pulled the switch on its One Channel redesign, forcing anyone who hadn’t adopted the new look already to get on board.

YouTube_LGOptimizing your company’s YouTube channel for this new design might seem like a chore, but it’s not. And the results are worth it: Your channel will look great on any device, you’ll surface more of your excellent videos, and you’ll likely get more subscribers.

When you’re ready to optimize your channel, simply follow these four steps. But don’t wait too long: One Channel pages that haven’t been optimized look pretty poor. The faster you do this, the better.

1. Create new channel art.

The One Channel layout has specific requirements for the main graphic: it needs to be a specific size (2560 by 1440 pixels) and have the title and branding in the center of the image. This lets your channel look great whether it’s shown on a smartphone or a connected TVs. Read YouTube’s own guidelines for the graphic.

2. Record a trailer video

In the new design, you can create a welcome video that’s only seen by non-subscribers. This video helps them feel at home on your channel and encourages them to become subscribers. Keep it short, informative, and fun.

3. Organize your videos

The new design lets companies surface more content on their channel page. Organize your videos into playlists, then organize those playlists on the channel page. Being able to scan organized playlists will keep people looking longer, and will help them make a selection.

4. Display your social networks

One Channel pages aren’t meant to be disconnected islands, but a connected web. Link and display all your company’s social networking sites. While you’re at it, link to other YouTube channels you like. It will make those other pages more likely to link back to you in return.

That’s all there is to it. Follow these four steps and your YouTube channel will welcome people in and encourage them to stay for a while.


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