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Who Are Omnichannel Shoppers? And Why Is Video Crucial to Them?

Shoppers using smartphones and tablets are three times as likely to view a video as shoppers using a notebook or desktop computer.

OmnichannelWhy is that fact useful? Invodo, which specializes in ecommerce video, recently released a report called “Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary,” and it includes a word that will be new to many: omnichannel. Today’s shoppers don’t just search for product information in one channel, says Invodo; they search through multiple channels at a fast rate. Consumers have access to more information than ever before, and they’re the ones in control.

“2013 is all about omnichannel,” says Invodo.

When shoppers today are ready to buy, they research all they can. If they walk into a store to snap up a deal, they likely know more about the product than the salesperson.

For the savvy seller, there are ways to attract omnichannel shoppers and to meet their high demands. The best is with video. Omnichannel shoppers will know if your marketing copy doesn’t match up with the ratings and reviews they see online. The way to win them over is to have compelling product videos and other information wherever they go for research.

As the above stat shows, omnichannel shoppers are ready to watch product videos on their mobile devices, such as when they’re in a store comparing deals.

Invodo’s research shows that nearly 40 percent of shoppers say that having access to product videos makes them more likely to buy a product directly from their mobile device. And they’re looking for videos: in a three-month period, 49 percent of all smartphone owners watched one or more product videos.

Remember that even in-store shoppers are turning to their mobile devices for price comparisons. Be sure that al your product pages online carry attractive, well-written product demos. Answer the questions that shoppers will wonder about. Using QR and bar codes is a great way to deliver product videos to interested shoppers. Invodo finds that 40 percent of those codes link to video content, such as product demos.

For more video ecommerce advice, download the full report for free (registration required).


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