Study Shows Why Brands Are Missing Out on Pinterest

With so many social networks popular today, it’s hard to stay on top of all of them. Nonetheless, that’s what today’s marketers have to do to engage consumers. One network that needs a lot more brand attention is Pinterest. Advertising agency Digitas and brand agency Curalate just partnered on a Pinterest study. They found that consumers are leading the talk on Pinterest, and that brands could be doing a lot more to join the conversation.

Pinterest“There are certain categories that are performing, in terms of the mix, better on the brand side than others,” explained Jordan Bitterman, Digitas’s senior vice president for North America. “So, for instance, right now in the fashion space consumers really are the ones who are pinning the most, not brands. Truthfully, it’s not really so much a condemnation on what brands are doing wrong, but it’s really more of support around what consumers — customers, pinners — are interested in.”

Brands have active fans on Pinterest, and those fans are eager to share their likes on their Pinterest pages. To encourage them, brands need to pin along with them and give them new fodder to pin.

“What’s really interesting about all this is that in many cases the top images that they’re pinning and re-pinning are brands’ images, it’s actually their own images. It’s a matter of making sure that you’re producing enough imagery to be proliferating out on the web in various channels,” Bitterman said.

The study even looked at the best times of the week for brands to pin in order to get the maximum about of re-pins. For the fashion and retail industries, Friday is the best day to pin and 3PM ET is the best time of the day. For the automotive industry, Fridays are also best, but around 12PM ET is optimal. Finally, for the electronics industries, Mondays is the best day for pinning, while 10PM ET is the best time of day.

To learn everything you need to know about sharing branded videos on Pinterest, read our Definitive Pinterest Video Guide.

Watch our video interview with Jordan Bitterman on the study’s results:


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