Startup Adds Interactivity to YouTube Videos in Minutes

Making passive online videos “clickable” has been the goal of many companies, but The Mad Video has nailed it in terms of ease (it’s super simple) and price (it’s free).

The Mad Video (which should get some kind of award for company naming) started in Madrid, Spain, but is now based in San Francisco, California. Besides announcing the beta launch of its video tagging service, the company just announced that it has raised $500,000 in a seed funding round. So it can afford to keep the lights on for a little while longer.

TheMadVideoThe Mad Video’s platform let’s anyone add clickable hotspots any place inside a YouTube video. Tags aren’t intrusive, and they can do anything you like, such as leading viewers to a shopping page or identifying people or places in a video.

Using The Mad Video’s platform is, for now, completely free. First, sign up for an account. Next, copy the URL for the YouTube video you want to make clickable. Paste that URL in The Mad Video’s site.

Once your video is loaded, identify the places in the video you want to tag and choose from The Mad Video’s assortment of tag options. Offer amusing information or show viewers where they can buy your products.

When you’re finished, you’ll get an embed code you can use to embed the tagged video on your site or social network. When viewers watch the video, they’ll see the word “Tags” followed by one or more dots in the upper left corner whenever a video has embedded tags. Mousing over the tags icon pauses the video and shows the tags you’ve entered. Viewers can click a tag to get more information, revealing the overlay that you’ve created. They might see, for example, product information and a buy link. When they’re done, they simply close the overlay to return to the video.

The Mad Video says there will always be a free version of the tagging platform, but in the future it will add paid features such as detailed analytics for brands and other video creators. At the moment, there are no limits on how many tagged videos a person can create.

The Mad Video impresses by getting a lot right. The problem with adding interactivity to videos has always been that it distracts the viewer from the video he or she wants to watch. The Mad Video’s solution is as unobtrusive as it is attractive. If you’re already using video to sell products or services, give The Mad Video a try and see if your customers enjoy the experience.


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  1. Troy, thanks for the great review and compliments! Love hearing this kind of feedback! Stay tuned, we’ll hope you’ll enjoy what we are working on!

    Posted by Riley Maguire | May 20, 2013, 5:00 pm
  2. Do you like this service better than Viewbix?

    Viewbix seems to have a lot of integration capabilities for other relevant apps (maps, email marketing, shopping cart and ecommerce, discount coupons, etc.)

    I know it isn’t free, but for a modest price you can tag up alot of youtube videos.


    Posted by Lloyd Nilsen | May 21, 2013, 10:25 am
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