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How Can Your Business Attract Generation C?

It’s NewFront week in New York City, and YouTube held it’s event, the YouTube BrandCast, this evening. The event was designed to entice advertisers to spend their money on YouTube, and there was plenty of talk about connecting to Generation C.


Macklemore performed at the 2013 YouTube BrandCast.

According to YouTube, Gen C is the connected generation. While YouTube spent much of the evening talking about how it reaches more 18- to 34-year-olds than any cable network (a fact recently confirmed by Nielsen), Gen C isn’t a specific age group. You’ll find teens, millennials, and Generation X all a part of Gen C, although YouTube says two-thirds of the group are under 35. What defines the group is that its members consume media however they like, on whatever devices they like. YouTube says they focus on four Cs: creation, curation, connection, and community.

Reaching Generation C can be hard, says YouTube, since media consumption has fragmented into smaller audiences, and Gen C uses mobile devices frequently. But you can learn to communicate with Gen C on its own terms. The group is willing to watch brand content, but only if that content is engaging, authentic, and worthy of being shared. Demonstrate the honest values and passions that drive your business, then let viewers rally around something. If Gen C doesn’t find your content relevant, they’ll turn it off. But if they do, you’ll have made new fans and followers.



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