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Why Businesses Must Invest in Online Video Marketing

Just like we take some of the today’s everyday technologies for granted — fax, text, email marketing, e-commerce, SaaS — business video marketing is on the same technology adoption cycle and will be a standard budget item in a few short years. However, the majority of business owners and corporate marketing departments are only now starting to realize that online video marketing for businesses can drive conversion rates across every part of the marketing and sales lifecycle.

BoroEnergyA quick search reveals plenty of research from the likes of Invodo, Forrester, comScore, and eMarketer on how video drives action in different types of sales — from e-commerce transactions to more technical products and services that have a long sales and relationship process. However, because new marketing methods are adopted with a combination of research support and gut feeling, the videos below showcase corporate marketers and business owners telling why they are investing in online video marketing.

Alex Shorter, marketing communications manager at Mueller Water Products, sells to government municipalities. Shorter uses online video because it “helps better articulate a product’s technical aspects and the benefits it provides…and does so in a way that is much more effective and appealing than that of a static brochure or technical document.”

Every industry is competitive, and businesses owners and corporate marketers need tools to differentiate themselves and prove their worth to customers. By educating and answering questions in advance, it’s easier to have that conversation in person. In fact, online promotional videos may even help business get customer meetings in the first place. Andrew Ritschel of Electronic Office Systems in Fairfield, New Jersey, has invested in online business video for just this reason.

“People are busy,” Ritschel says. “They don’t want people coming into their office. By using video…we are able to show, using pictures, why we are offering the value that competitors might not have.

With online video, companies can take a hands-on approach when answering customer questions. Having watched the videos, the potential customer who reach out to a business are more qualified prospects.

When people go searching for a product or service, businesses get the strongest amount of conversion optimization from online video. People look to the internet to find answers. Video provides a “hands-on approach on what is actually happening in our process and answers many questions that consumers have…” says Jeff Cohn, president of Boro Energy in Brooklyn, New York. Web video lets companies explain things quicker, so that customers get the message sooner (which leads to sales happening sooner).

Online video marketing is perfect for any business, big or small, that wants to stand apart from the competition, driving lead generation and sales in a cost-effective, measurable way.

Guest post by Robert Weiss, president of video production and marketing company MultiVision Digital. Weiss has over 14 years experience in internet marketing and sales processes. MultiVision Digital specializes in assisting New York- and New Jersey-based companies in developing online video marketing strategies that increase sales, leads, and client loyalty.


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  1. Great post and videos. I occasionally do internet marketing for law firms and it seems like every time I turn around the marketing world has changed. It is hard to keep up when you don’t do it everyday. Online video marketing sounds like a great way to market. Thanks so much for the great idea!

    Posted by lauren | May 20, 2013, 3:01 pm
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