Using YouTube for Marketing? Find Out What VidIQ Can Do for You

YouTube is a cornerstone of many company’s online video efforts, whether those companies are also using an online video provider (OVP) or not. YouTube is the giant of the online video space, and no company can ignore its audience and reach. Having a YouTube channel is essential.

But that doesn’t mean that many companies are using YouTube to its full advantage. If your company is simply loading new videos into a channel and hoping that viewers find you, you might consider getting help from VidIQ.

VidIQThe San Francisco, California-based VidIQ launched this week, dedicated to helping companies get much more out of their YouTube efforts. During its beta period, VidIQ honed its skills working with agencies, networks, and major brands, including AOL, Mondo Media, and Revision3. At launch, VidIQ announced that it had raised over $800,000 in angel funding from a group that includes Mark Cuban, Tod Sacerdoti, and many more.

VidIQ works by optimizing every step of the YouTube process. It’s not that it does anything startling, but it uses best practices and makes channel optimization far easier than it is otherwise. It lets you know the best time of day to upload a video, helps with managing multiple channels, points out ways to improve YouTube search engine optimization, makes running text campaigns simple, ties in with Facebook accounts, and connects your videos to top influencers in your area. Put all that together and it’s a formula for increasing followers and driving views.

User pages on VidIQ show analytics that include views, tweets and more for each video; comments for all videos (for easy responding); SEO tagging suggestions; a list of top influencers (people who post comments and tweet links for your videos); a list of tweets about your videos; and a tool for creating text campaigns in your YouTube video description boxes.

Give VidIQ a try for free. The no-cost starter package lets one user work on one channel, and includes video scheduling, a Facebook app, basic analytics, and more. The VidIQ site isn’t forthcoming about how much it costs to upgrade from the free service, so if you know leave a message in the comments below.

Scroll down for a clever video explaining the VidIQ service. As of this writing, this video has received around 2,000 views on YouTube, so obviously VidIQ knows what it’s doing.


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  1. hey guys, a video on your page says Vidiq connects you with your top influencers on youtube, fb, twitter.
    Exactly how? We have Vidiq and I don’t see anything to do that. Thanks.

    Posted by mike | March 12, 2016, 8:27 pm
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