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Ooyala: Where the Viewers Are for 2013

Take a break for a minute from creating strong online video for your company to learn how and where viewers are watching it. You can’t expect good results, after all, if you don’t understand the audience.

Online video platform Ooyala [1] has just released its 2012 Q4 video index report, looking at how streaming video is being consumed. In the last quarter of the year, Ooyala found that people spent more time watching online video on connected TVs and game consoles than anything else. The living room TV, it seems, wins by being the most comfortable seat in the house. Desktop computers narrowly took second place. Far behind that were tablets and other mobile devices. While smartphone viewing gets a lot of attention, people don’t watch videos on their phones for long.

Speaking of smartphones, now that Android phones outsell iOS phones, you might thing they count for more video. Nope: iOS owners watch twice as much video on their phones as Android owners do.

Tablet and mobile viewing numbers might be comparatively low, but their numbers are growing quickly. Ooyala found that tablet share grew 110 percent in 2012, while other mobile devices grew by 87 percent.

OoyalaStatesSurprisingly, there’s a red state/blue state divide in online video, Ooyala found. Blue state residents are more involved with online video, watching 16 percent more than people in red states, and watching for 20 seconds longer each time.

The idea that viewers only want short clips online is ending. Long-form video has found an audience. Long-form online videos accounted for 82 percent of all time spent watching on connected TVs and game consoles. On tablets, it accounted for 62 percent. Not surprisingly, people were less likely to watch long-form content on a mobile device such as a smartphone.

Ooyala ended its report with three tips for being more successful with online video: