VidCaster Ties Lead Generation to Video Viewing

Does this scenario sound familiar: your team creates several new videos for your site, perhaps to educate shoppers or potential business partners. Your company’s sales manager looks at the videos and asks, “Are these bringing us new leads?”

Well, no, you admit, there’s no way to collect that kind of information.

At that answer, your sales manager just shakes his head, acting like you’re foolish for just giving away valuable content.

LeadwallThose days could be over. Finally, someone has come up with a tool that will make your sales manager happy. VidCaster, a company that makes it easy to create video-driven websites, announced a feature called Leadwall today. Leadwall helps you generate leads by collecting personal information up front. Viewers can’t see a Leadwall video until they fill in a few name and contact fields.

The Leadwall feature is included with VidCaster service plans starting at $249 per month. Users can customize their forms to get the information they need.

One handy feature of Leadwall is that it doesn’t just create a list of leads; it integrates with a company’s CRM (customer relationship management) software. Since the feature is new, it only integrates with Salesforce so far, but other integrations are in the works. Users can also output their lead lists as a CRV file.

Certainly you wouldn’t want to put leadwall on every video. You’d drive too many viewers away. But if you’re providing useful business intelligence in some videos, it’s not out of line to ask for contact information. Companies have been doing that with their white papers for years. Give VidCaster’s new feature a try and see if it can keep you — and your sales manager — happy.


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