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Production Minds Puts Video Production Management in the Cloud

We’ve seen tools that put video editing in the cloud, but Production Minds [1] does that one better: it puts every element of planning and managing a film shoot in the cloud. The company’s first product, PMP (Production Minds Platform) has finally reached the beta stage, and should be fully released sometime this quarter.

ProductionMindsPMP lets users create projects and add all the production members for that project. They can then use the software to import their shooting script, making production notes about how each scene should be shot. The team is able to work collaboratively and all notes are in one place.

The PMP developers are quickly adding new features as the platform races to general availability. The latest additions let the director share video with the crew, so they can watch location footage, casting videos, or test shots, then have an online discussions about what needs work. The developers have also worked to make playback smoother and faster.

Since this is currently in beta, you’ll need to request a beta invite if you want to try it. Send a note to want@productionminds.com [2]. The developers are sending out invites slowly, so wait your turn.

For a better idea of what PMP is all about, watch the video below.