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Is Online Video Underused in B2B Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute recently compiled a report called “B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America,” [1] looking at the current state of B2B marketing. It found that B2B marketers are doing more than ever: spending more money, using more marketing tactics, and distributing their content to more social networks than ever before.

Not only did the report detail which tactics B2B marketers are using, it showed percentages. While the use of video is high on the list, it was still only used by 70 percent of those surveyed. The marketing tactics used more often were social media (other than blogs), articles on the company website, e-newsletters, blogs, and case studies.

MarketingKeyWhy didn’t video rank higher? To answer that, look to the report’s section on confidence. The report’s authors surveyed B2B content marketers on how effective they viewed several tactics. The most-trusted tactics include in-person events, case studies, webinars and webcasts, and blogs. Video came in fifth out of the top 12. Of those surveyed, 58 percent see video as effective and 42 percent see it as less effective.

But that can’t be the whole story, since video is destroying social media in confidence. While there’s a buzz around social media, only 49 percent of marketers see it as effective. Surprisingly, 87 percent of those surveyed use social media, even though many of them don’t believe it works.

Of the online video sites, YouTube is used the most often by B2B content marketers (61 percent). Vimeo comes far below, with only 12 percent.

The top goal for B2B content marketers is brand awareness, says the report. Perhaps that will lead to a boost for video marketing this year. Simple online collaborative tools that make video editing easier could open up video to more marketing firms.

Keyboard image [2] via Shutterstock.