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Is Cloud-Based Video Editing Right for You?

Besides the usual desktop video editing applications available, today there are serious contenders in the cloud. Yes, it’s possible to store and edit your clips with an online tool, doing all your work on the web. The feature sets for the few standout cloud editors compare well with basic desktop applications, plus they offer a few benefits that desktop apps don’t have.

Cloud video editing company Mixmoov recently released a white paper called “Trends in Online Video Innovation: Video Editing in the Cloud” that looks at online video trends and explains why many choose to work online. While obviously biased in favor of cloud editing, the white paper still makes some good points about the value of working in the cloud.

CloudBenefits of Cloud Video Editing

Streamlined Workflow: If you’re using cloud storage for your videos and cloud applications for editing — and it all works together — your workflow couldn’t be smoother.

Productivity Boosts: There’s no reason to download assets when everything is stored in the cloud. That means time savings everyday. While a desktop system could mean you need to continually download needed clips, with an online system all clips are accessible at any time.

Better Collaboration: One of the best reasons to go online is that every member of the team can take part in the editing, no matter where they’re located or what software they have installed.

Scalability: For some projects you might need to store massive amounts of video. For others, your storage needs could be light. With an online system, you have all the storage you need when you need it, and you don’t pay for it when you’re not using it.

Availability: With a cloud solution, your tools and your videos are always available. No matter where your employees are, they can get access when they need it.

Ease: it’s easy to integrate a cloud editor with an online video platform or with in-house processes. The more integration you have, Mixmoov says, the more efficient and productive your company will be.

For more on the value of cloud video editing, download the free white paper (registration is required).

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