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Create Video for Each Step of the Customer Journey

Put your customers first, understand the customer’s journey, and create video content that meets the needs of all those steps. That’s the message of the third-quarter digital marketing trend report put out by social media agency Room 214.

A customer’s needs change as they move toward making a purchase, Room 214 notes. Serving those varied needs and starting online conversations means offering different types of content. Here are the steps you need to serve when creating online video:

Room214Steps1. Awareness: Get the party started, says Room 214. Awareness videos don’t need to be focused on the brand or the products being sold. Instead, create a space where people will want to gather and talk. Try to entertain and get people contributing.

2. Consideration: Here you want to be seen as a trustworthy source. Be sure your videos look helpful and never biased. Possible video topics include industry buyers studies or tips from product experts. Create videos that teach your customers to be better informed shoppers.

3. Preference: When people are about to make a purchase, they look for advice they can trust from peers or first-hand reviews. Create videos that show user reactions to your products, or interviews with other trustworthy sources. Offer testimonials or product trial videos.

4. Purchase: Many companies forget to treat the purchase step as content, Room 214 warns. Use video to make it easier and more pleasant. The buyer doesn’t want to be hassled here, so keep everything as simple as can be.

5. Loyalty: Some customers — two percent, says the marketing report — will become advocates of your brand. Give customers a reason to love you by using videos to answer post-purchase questions they might have or to provide insider information.

Download the full digital marketing trend report from Room 214 for free (registration required).


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  1. I think that there are also appropriate styles for each. Awareness = Homepage videos might be a cinematic story piece, Consideration is a landing page video and should be face to camera enticement by star for trust building, preference are educational factual, purchase are sales videos with an emotional pitch format, loyalty are blog videos and can be fun and light. Just a hypothesis worth split testing by someone with a bigger budget than me. Cheers Ant

    Posted by Anthony | January 3, 2013, 4:50 pm
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