How to Make an Infinity Wall: Video 101

The following lesson was created by Vimeo for its Vimeo Video School. It’s used here with permission. Look for a new lesson each week.

Let me school you on a little something called an Infinity Wall, a.k.a. Cyclorama Wall, a.k.a. Infinity Cyc. Yes, it has more names than Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but they all refer to the same thing. An infinity wall is a curved surface that seamlessly blends the floor and wall together so that anything you put in front of it — an object, a person — will appear to float against a simple, clutter-free backdrop.

Here’s an example of one used by Mabona Origami:

In this screengrab from Sam Roble’s video, How to build a cyclorama wall, you can see some of the infrastructure that supports it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: This looks like a great quarterpipe for skateboarding. But before you go grinding your double gnar gnar, let me tell you how to get the best use out of this thing.

Most commonly, infinity walls are painted bright white and used for glamorous product photography. However, an infinity wall also can be painted Chroma Green — voila, giant green screen. Or maybe you’d like it all black so you can dress some actors in black and do cool stuff like in this Foxy Shazam music video.

An infinity wall can be used on just one wall, or it could encompass up to three walls. Here’s something in the middle: a two-walled version built by ReKon Productions:

The key is to construct a curved surface where the floor meets the wall, creating a corner-less transition. When properly lit, there shouldn’t be any shadows and the wall will seamlessly blend in with the floor.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, get yourself a large piece white fabric — a standard painting drop cloth may do the trick. Hang one end from the ceiling and secure the other end with weights, making sure it’s pulled tight to create that seamless curve you desire. Like this:

Screenshot from Infinite White Background – How To by Olivia Speranza

Now that you know how to go seamless, you’re ready to travel to infinity — and beyond!

Ready for more? Learn how to use a ring light or view more lessons at the Vimeo Video School.


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