Swivl’s Second Version Heads to Kickstarter for Funding

Last year we told you about the Swivl, a gadget that holds a smartphone and tracks you as you move around the room, making it easier to capture video or hold a video chat.

Well, the Swivl is back and it’s bigger than ever. The updated version of the Swivl has been announced and it knows a few tricks that the original lacked. Responding to user requests, the new Swivl can also hold an iPad or a DSLR camera (up to 10 pounds).

SwivlThere are two versions of the new Swivl, and for solo operations the premium model is an amazingly useful device. It lets you record yourself as you move around, thanks to an included tracking remote, giving a more natural feel to your videos. It not only follows you back and forth with a 360 degree pan, but it can also tilt 20 degrees up and down. No more static desk shots; with the new Swivl you can add movement to your videos.

The new Swivl isn’t here yet, though. As with the original, the creators are pre-funding the release with online pledges. The first version used IndieGoGo for funding; this new version has a Kickstarter page.

The lower-priced version of the new Swivl will come in silver or while, and will include an AC adapter and an internal battery good for over six hours of continuous use. With this version you control movements from an app on a separate device. An iOS app will come first, then later an Android app. If you’re using the Swivl with a DSLR, you can even snap pictures using the app. The ┬ápremium version of the Swivl will come only in silver. It offers all the features of the basic version, but also includes a tracking remote and a wireless mic and speakers.

As of this writing, the Swivl team is well on its way to gaining enough funding for the product release. They’re trying to get $120,000, and currently have over $90,000 in commitments with 26 days to go. A pledge of $99 will get you lower-priced version when it’s ready (it will sell for $149 once released). If you want one, act fast as there are a limited number of backer slots at this price level. A pledge of $175 will get you the premium edition (a limited lower-priced slot for this version has already sold out). This version will sell for $229 once released.

The Swivl team says backers will get their products six months after funding is completed. The team still needs to finalize and test the design.

By the way, the original Swivl, which works only with smartphones, is still available.


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