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How Video Can Carry Your Marketing Message for You

If you’re not making high-quality videos to demonstrate your products or to communicate company news, you’re missing out on a lot of free publicity. Here’s why:

Public Relations agency DS Simon Productions released its 2012 Web Influencers Survey, and it found that news sites and blogs are hungry for quality video they can share with their readers, even if that video was created outside companies.

Since 2009, the survey found, there’s been a 33 percent increase in the use of video by media websites. Further, 80 percent of those sites use videos created by outside parties. Media sites are looking for high-definition video, especially. Nearly 60 percent of them prefer HD.

Popular topics for media sites include healthcare, technology, entertainment, travel, fashion, home products, and many more. Different mediums have different preferences for video. For example TV and newspaper sites prefer healthcare video, while bloggers prefer technology and entertainment video.

Those websites are using video to tell their stories, and externally-created videos are fine with them. If you can provide them with content that helps tell a story they’re working on, there’s a likelihood that they’ll embed your video on their story — generating hundreds or thousands of new views.

TV websites and online-only media were the sites most likely to use outside video, so pitch them first.

“The key takeaway for communicators is the enormous opportunity to place their unedited packages on media websites as earned media through distribution of links, embed codes, and edited packages,” the report notes.

Online-only media and newspapers are most open to using embed codes, displaying your video as-is. TV stations need B-roll footage.

If you’re looking for media coverage, don’t stop at the press release. Today, companies have the chance to tell their own stories with video. If those stories are well-told and talk about a timely subject, they’re more likely to be used by interested sites.

For more on savvy video marketing, download the full survey.


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