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4 Tips for Effective Online Video Ads

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating your online video advertisement, so take steps to make sure it gets the kind of attention you want it to get. Online advertising company Undertone has partnered with IPG Media Lab to measure viewers’ reactions to ads. The study used eye tracking and panel surveys to gauge what people thought of the ads they saw. The results offer useful tips for anyone concerned with ad performance.

1. Don’t Show Your Ad on Just Any Old Site

The study confirms the long-held belief that viewers equate the ads they see with the sites they see them on. It’s called the “halo effect.” Run an ad on a high-quality site and viewers will see your ad in a more favorable light. That translates into stronger purchase intent and higher consumer satisfaction. In fact, website quality had more of an impact on purchase intent that any other element Undertone and IPG studied.

2. Ban Auto-Play

You know how annoying it is when you visit a site and a video ad on that page begins playing all by itself? Well, you’re not alone in finding that annoying; everyone does. While viewers have a higher awareness of auto-play ads, they also have a higher negative reaction. Click-to-play ads, on the other hand, bring out more positive emotions and get higher engagement rates.

3. Go Big

Give viewers a big view of your product by advertising with agencies that give you a big video player. Viewers have higher brand awareness when they see ads on a big player. Also, having a large video player reduces the negative effects of auto-play ads, Undertone found.

4. Left, Right, or Center: It’s All Good

One surprising result of the study is that the position of the video ad on the page has no significant impact on the ad’s effectiveness. So don’t worry where the agency puts your ad — as long as it’s above the fold.

To view the full white paper “Understanding the Drivers of Standout Video Experiences,” download a free copy. Registration is required.


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