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What Your Company Can Learn from Video Comments

Companies creating online videos don’t have to go far to learn what shoppers think of them. Your viewers are happy to express themselves right there in your videos’ comment sections.

With all that free feedback readily available, it’s surprising we don’t make better use of it. Maybe that will change, however, now that video ecommerce specialist Invodo has released a free white paper entitled “Five-Star Video Shopping: Consumer Sentiment through Video Ratings and Comments.”

Comments on videos are often negative, found Invodo: 50 percent show discontent with the video.

In the white paper, Invodo tells how it surveyed over 1,500 negative and neutral comments for online videos in the Invodo platform. The study turned up three common pain points. If you know about them ahead of time, you can avoid these problems when making videos in the future.

Request for Information. The most common pain point (written by 55 percent of negative or neutral commenters) was a request for more information on the product shown. Perhaps viewers want to know what material the product is made of, how it works, or how it looks from different angles. When creating a video, never assume anything is obvious, recommends Invodo. List all the features and provide real value to the viewer.

Request for Context. While viewers want to see the product in detail, they also want to see how it’s used. Invodo found that 21 percent of commenters want to see the product used in an appropriate situation. Be sure to show your products realistically when filming.

Wrong Video in the Wrong Place. Videos on product pages should be about the product, not the whole product line. For category videos, 10 percent of complaints were on the placement. Understand how shoppers got to the page they’re viewing and what information they’re looking for. Invodo says put category videos on category pages only, and let viewers know ahead of time that the videos show off an entire product line.

For more on how many people leave negative comments and what they have to say, download the free whitepaper. Registration is required.


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