Videobuilder Lets Viewers Become Contributors

U.K.-based Videobuilder has been winning customers by making it easy for them to add video to their sites and generate revenue from advertising. It has over 200 clients at last count, many of them well-known newspapers and magazines. Recently, the video specialist added a citizen journalism feature that lets viewers upload their own reports to a site. It’s also a great way to create online video contests with nothing more to set up.

Videobuilder customers now have the option of adding a button labeled Submit a Video, so that readers can upload video files. Don’t worry — there’s also a moderation feature that lets the site owner view and approve all submitted videos before they go live.

Site owners aren’t limited to showing videos and hosting contest on their sites; they can also load Videobuilder on a Facebook page. Because the latest version of the player is built in HTML5, it shows up correctly on Apple iPhones and iPads.

Videobuilder has added another interesting feature called Video Exec, one that helps with curation. The Videobuilder platform can curate and show videos from other sites, such as YouTube. While site owners might like the idea of building a curated library, they might not always have time to do the curating. Video Exec gives customers the services of a Videomaker pro for two hours each week. That pro will build up the curated library, remove poorly performing content, and suggest new videos for the homepage.

Check out the Videobuilder site for more details on what the site offers.


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