Tubifi Makes Buying Professional Video Easy and Inexpensive

Tubifi, a young company that publicly launched in beta at DEMO Fall 2012 in early October, could be the genius video idea that a lot of people have been waiting for.

That’s because Tubifi solves the problem of getting professional video to use for projects. Before this, companies that needed professional footage could shoot it themselves, hire professionals to shoot it, or work with pricey video stock houses. Tubifi is the simple alternative to stock houses, one that adds in some innovative online features.

Here’s how it works: browse Tubifi and select the video and audio clips you’re interested in. Using an online video editor, you can sample the clips and even make cuts with low-resolution watermarked video, testing how your assets look together. You can collaborate with colleagues on your online edits, inviting them to make changes or cuts. You can then send a link for the online edit to clients or bosses to get agreement. This is all without purchasing anything.

Once you’ve decided which video and audio tracks you’d like, you can purchase them and download full-resolution versions. It’s a smart way to shop and it opens up professional video stock to smaller companies that can’t afford high-priced subscriptions.

Getting access to Tubifi’s assets is free for individual users, but $49 per month for schools, $99 per month for non-profits and small agencies, and $249 per month for large companies and large agencies. Once in the store, you can buy tracks a la carte. While we haven’t seen all of the store, it looks like many clips are under $100, often in the low double-digits.

At the moment, you won’t be able to download edits you’ve made in the online editor when downloading your clips, but that will change. Tubifi has plans for an update that lets buyers download the XML files needed to reconstruct their online edits when purchasing tracks.

For companies that need help putting a video project together, Tubifi also provides access to an online database of video talent – including editors, art directors, voice-over artists, and more – who can help companies add polish to their creations.

Online video has become much simpler for individuals and companies to use over the past few years, and the Tubifi launch continues this trend. No longer is professional content only for deep-pocketed media companies. Now, companies of any size can get the quality look they want for their online videos.


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