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The Second OnlineVideo.Net Survey: The Results Are In

You work in video production, love useful techie stories, and look to us for good how-to advice.

Every so often the editorial board of OnlineVideo.Net [1] likes to touch base with the readers directly to find out what you want in this site. Sure, you tell us everyday with hits, tweets, likes, and comments, but there’s no substitute for a good survey. Thanks to all of you who participated.

The most important question to us, the editors, is what stories you want to see covered. By far your biggest interest was video technology and software. Next came video production, video editing and postproduction, live video creation and delivery, and mobile video.

You showed the least interest in video SEO, video advertising, and e-commerce video. Topics in the middle included video marketing strategies, video analytics and metrics, video advertising, web TV, video distribution and syndication, and online video industry news.

It’s interesting for us to see these results. You may not realize it, but for the last year we’ve been emphasizing video marketing stories, leaving production stories for our new sister site Streaming Media Producer [2]. On the whole, these marketing stories haven’t done as well as our production stories. The survey results suggest that our readers prefer useful nuts-and-bolts technology and production stories, and that we might reevaluate our emphasis on marketing.

As for the types of articles you prefer, real-world business video case studies, how-to articles on video strategies, how-to articles on video production, and video hardware and software reviews all did well. You were less interested in interviews with video innovators and buyers guides to hardware and software.

We also learned a lot about who the average OnlineVideo.net reader is. The largest group of you work in video production creating digital media. Your companies specialize in education and training, TV/broadcast/cable/IPTV/film, creative services, and publishing. Most of you work in small companies that have allocated budgets for video hardware and software. We’re pleased to see that many of you rely on StreamingMedia.com [3], as well as this site.

Congratulations to respondents Cindy A. of Decatur, Georgia; Mary Ruth M. of Montreal, Quebec; and Gregg R. of Leominster, Massachusetts; all of whom were randomly chosen to win a $50 gift card for taking part in this survey.

If you’d like to leave more feedback on the types of content you’d like to see on this site, please leave a written or video comment below. We’re always listening.