Logitech Releases a Webcam for Video Professionals

People who know webcams know that Logitech is the only one to consider when it’s time to buy. Over the years, the company has come through with the most innovative designs and the highest quality components. Now, Logitech has taken the simple webcam into new territory with the Broadcaster Wi-Fi, a webcam strong enough for professional work.

As its name says, this camera streams video over a Wi-Fi network, freeing it from cords. It can run for up to two hours on battery power. That means you can finally use a webcam and not look like you’re sitting in front of your computer. Set the Broadcaster Wi-Fi at any angle.

This webcam only works with Macintosh computers, but that’s because it requires Logitech Broadcaster Software for Mac for use. The software lets you use multiple cameras when broadcasting — such as your computer’s built-in webcam and the Broadcaster Wi-Fi — and switch between them at will.

Owners can live stream video with the Broadcaster Wi-Fi, sending a feed directly to Ustream. It also has a clever way of working with iPads or iPhones: the mobile device can show a preview of the video stream and let you control operation remotely.

Put that together and this webcam is a mini-production studio in one small package. It lists for $199.


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