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Live from Your Office: How to Stream Live Events Online

Step one is putting your corporate events online, so partners and customers around the world can join in. Step two is making those live events as exciting as a television program.

At the recent Streaming Media Europe conference in London, attendees learned what it takes to put on a live event that keeps viewers entertained. Speaking from his experience working with pharmaceutical companies, Richard Cobourne, director and senior producer for On Screen Productions, told how to ban the boring and dull in webcasts.

“I come from a world of television, and I believe that if you’re going to have things that work, they have to be televisual. It’s no good just having bloke at lectern, bird at lectern, and a few slides. That, to me, is useless,” Cobourne said. “I think that what our clients are now looking at is that there are new rules, regulations — they can’t sponsor doctors to fly around the world, etc., etc., etc. They’re looking at ways of extending the length, extending the period of time that this meeting remains valuable to a target audience. I think this is where webcasts are going to really come of age.”

If you’re hearing about live video a lot lately, it’s because the internet has only recently grown to support them. Many companies are rushing in to deliver live experiences to engaged viewers.

“The internet was never designed in the first place for webcasting and webinars, and it is only something that’s come of age in the last — people talk about web 2, web 3, etc., etc., but I think it’s only really come of age in the last few years, particularly as connectivity to homes, connectivity to offices improved,” Cobourne noted.

To view the entire panel discussion, watch the video below.


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  1. Why not make it interactive? Just streaming is already outdated imo

    Posted by Tim | November 29, 2012, 3:08 am
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