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Get Your Shopping Site Tablet-Ready for the Holidays

Companies with shopping sites are likely optimizing them for the holidays now, making sure all the top sellers have videos in place. As we’ve talked about before, having videos is a big boost when trying to sell products. But this year, there’s a new essential: optimizing your site for tablets. Tablets buyers are here in force and they’re happy to shop and buy on their favorite device. In the past, we’ve shown you how to prepare video for tablets. Now learn how to prepare your site for tablet shoppers.

Skava, a company that provides mobile, tablet, and desktop technology solutions, has created a white paper looking at the potential for tablets and making recommendations. Tablet ownership is growing by 50 percent every year, it notes, and by 2015 one-third of all adults in the U.S. will own one. Those people are ready to shop: people make purchases on tablets at nearly the same rate that they do on desktop computers, but they spend more. The average desktop purchase is $102, while the average tablet purchase is $123.

Tablet owners often browse and shop on the go. They use the Find a Store feature on websites and often browse a store online before visiting in-person. Here are a few gripes tablet owners have about websites:

  • Doesn’t switch between portrait and landscape
  • Too little white space
  • Images don’t work as they should
  • Drop down buttons don’t work as they should
  • Hard to click links
  • Small text
  • Not engaging

To make your site ready for tablet shoppers, here are a few ideas from Skava:

  • Make the site fun: Tablet users are in a relaxed, browsing mood. Give them enjoyable things to do and watch (make sure your videos play on mobile devices!) and they’ll stick around longer
  • Go big: Tablet owners want to be able to view your site easily. Make buttons, navigation, pictures, and text big and easy to view.
  • Make it touchable. Tablet users are navigating with touchscreens, so make navigation easy. They love pages they can swipe.
  • Go Flash-Free. The Apple iPad, the most popular tablet around, doesn’t support Flash. If you want iPad owners to be able to see your site, be sure it’s coded in HTML5 and other supported languages.


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