WeVideo Improves Features with YouTube and Google Drive

It’s been a while since we checked in with collaborative video editing tool WeVideo, and it’s added several exciting new features. Editors using WeVideo on YouTube and Google Drive recently gained these:

New Themes: Editors can add professionally created transitions, music, and effects that go together by selecting one of the tool’s new themes.

Instant Recording: A new in-app recording feature lets creators record a video through their web cam in moments. Use the feature to add an introduction to a video or create a presentation.

Smart Timeline: Editors no longer need to manually zoom to get the overview on a timeline when adding or moving clips. That’s because the timeline adjusts automatically whenever clips are added or re-ordered. Also, double-click the zoom icon to instantly fit all the clips on the timeline.

Greater Audio Control: Raise or lower the audio tracks however and wherever you wish with new controls. You might want to lower the background track when someone is talking, for example.

More Font Options: Don’t settle for boring type. WeVideo now lets editors customize a font’s style, color, and size.

Clean Up: Reduce clutter by dragging and dropping unneeded clips to the trash can.

New Transitions: Editors can now add two new transitions to their projects: dip to black and dip to white. With this, the first clips fades out to black (or white) and then the second fades in from black (or white).

Usability: The software now gives more information when a user hovers over an icon.

Plus, several bugs were squashed to help WeVideo run smoother. If all that plus collaborative editing sounds like a good idea to you, give WeVideo a try.


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