WeVideo Offers Video Contest Creation Tools for Marketers

For some companies, it’s not enough to get viewers watching their online videos: they want customers to create their own videos. For companies that want to drive a higher level of engagement, this announcement will be good news.

WeVideo, known for its collaborative video editing tools, will expand and offer a major new product this week. The Social Video Engagement platform is a marketing tool that puts the power of creation in the customers’ hands. The idea is that companies use the platform to put video resources in front of site visitors, who can use the embedded online video editor to shape that content however they like. Visitors can then share their creations online, helping to spread the word about the company.

The idea behind the Social Video Engagement platform is to drive a richer social media experience than brands currently get from Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. The embedded editor can include a variety of assets, including videos, audio tracks, and graphics. Visitors click to create a video when they’re done, which can automatically be added to the brand’s YouTube channel.

Pricing for the platform starts at $8,000 for the initial set-up and $2,000 per month for use of the service. That entry level lets companies make 100 videos and serve 100,000 views. The setup fee covers customization help in setting up the editor. Companies can save on the cost by signing up for to 1, 2, or 3 year commitments.

The video-creation platform has already been tested on a few sites, including a promotion for this summer’s The Avengers blockbuster. Also, kickboxing promoters K-1 used it to launch a contest where fans edited footage from previous fights and submitted their work.



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