U.K. Company Offers Low-Cost Online Video Seeding

Video seeding is the process of getting an online video in front of a desirable audience, usually by reaching out to influential blogs or social networking leaders and getting them to feature a video to their audience. It’s typically done by hand via connected marketing or public relations professionals, but one company in the United Kingdom says it can automate the process.

The Viral Ad Network has created self-serve seeding that lets anyone with a video get it in front of a desirable audience. Using the online tools, the video creator enters the video’s YouTube URL (the service only works with YouTube-hosted videos), the click-through link, and the text for the link.

Using the customization options, the video creator can choose to target a particular country or countries, then drill down and select specific interests for the target viewer. Interest choices include music, TV, parenting, and sports.

Users also needs to select a campaign start date and the number of views they want to pay for. The service costs £500 (approximately $812 US) for 5,000 views.

According to co-founder Chris Quigley, the Viral Ad Network shares with customers where there video will be seen at the start of a campaign, and where their videos have been shown afterwards. The dashboard includes screenshots showing placement possibilities. He promises that videos never auto-play and aren’t included in screen savers.

While the automation sounds promising, is this really video seeding or merely ad targeting? It’s targeting. Seeding is done by hand and reaches out to thought leaders and influencers. That’s not what this service is doing. It could still be a good option for targeted video advertising, however. If anyone reading this has experience with the Viral Ad Network and wants to share their results, please do so in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

For more on the Viral Ad Network’s service, watch the video below.


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