Sony Upgrades Vegas Pro to Version 12: Here Are the New Features

Sony Vegas Pro is finally here, and it looks like it was worth the wait. This version comes with dozens of enhancements that will help editors work more efficiently and create better video.

Here’s a guide to the major improvements of Vegas Pro 12.

Workflow Improvements

  • Project Interchange: Now, editors can exchange projects between Vegas Pro 12 and other editors thanks to built-in conversion software. It supports Avid Pro Tools 10, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and DaVinci Resolve 8, Final Cut Pro X (export only), and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6 file types.
  • Expanded Edit Mode: The timeline can now be split into A-B roll tracks at the edit point, allowing for easy fine-tuning of a project’s timing.
  • Color Match: This plug-in lets editors match the color from one clip in another.
  • Smart Proxy Workflow: This uses Smart Proxy files when full frame rate playback is hard to achieve. The original media files are still used for the final render.

Performance Improvements

  • Masking Tools: Editors can now use rectangle/square and oval/circle masking tools to mask parts of their videos.
  • FX Masking: This lets editors mask an effect, rather than the image itself. Use this to quickly blur a license plate or a face.
  • Pro Explorer and Project Media Improvements: The Pro Explorer and Project Media windows have been updated to let users find and organize content better.
  • Project Media Tagging: This helps users quickly categorize clips and sort them into the correct bins. Smart bins automatically update with appropriate content. Users can then filter on the tags to find footage they’re looking for.

This version also ingests Panasonic P2 media and encodes to all varieties of the HDCAM SR mastering format.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 is available in two versions. The Vegas Pro 12 collection includes Vegas Pro 12, DVD Architect Pro 5.2, and Dolby Digital Professional Encoder. It sells for $599.95 as a download or $679.95 packaged. Sony is also offering a new lower priced version called Vegas Pro 12 Edit for those who simply want the editor. It sells for $399.95 as a download or $479.95 packaged. Sony also offers discounts for those upgrading.


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  1. I am looking as a trial of Vegas Pro 12 , so far no luck…. will not open any file ” AVI , mpeg ,avchd , even files fro my camera wich is the HANDYCAM 3D Full HD . Am I doing something wrong?
    Sure I would buy the software if I could test it and see if it would do what I expect.
    My PC score 7.6 out off 7.9 for performance. I do have a 3D monitor.. lots of free space and ram…
    yours truly : Robert Roussel.

    Posted by Robert Roussel | October 1, 2012, 2:22 pm
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