Introducing Adobe Anywhere for Collaborative Video Editing

Adobe had something big to share at the current IBC show in Amsterdam — a brand new collaborative video editing platform. Called Adobe Anywhere, it lets offices working with Adobe editing products easily pass files from one editor to another, collaborate without delays, and work on the same files from any computers in any location. Production teams that work in different locations will especially like the time savings of Anywhere.

Adobe Anywhere works with Premiere, After Effects, and Prelude from the Production Premium version of Creative Suite CS6. It lets editors share files in real-time, handing them off from one editor to another. “Collaborate without boundaries,” says Adobe marketing.

While Adobe Anywhere was just introduced at IBC, don’t look for it on shelves just yet. Adobe likes to tease announcements well ahead of time and really whet its customers appetites. Anywhere will be available sometime in 2013. Adobe didn’t give a closer date. That’s a long time to wait, but for Premiere teams, it should be worth it.

Adobe also created a special offer for editors who want to start using Adobe applications: customers that use other non-linear editors, such as Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer, and want to switch to Creative Suite CS6 Production Premium can now get 30 percent off the software and 40 percent off an annual membership to Adobe Creative Cloud.


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