Video Works for Entertainment Marketers, Finds Videology Report

TV and movie advertisers are spending heavily on online video, says a white paper by video advertising technology company Videology. Online ad spending increased 23 percent in 2011, a trend that should continue with double-digit increases through 2014. That investment is paying off, says Videology, The company conducted a survey of online video viewers and found that 44 percent of TV viewers and 31 percent of moviegoers said watching a preview was an important motivator to see a movie or TV show.

The most effective marketing tool a TV or movies studio has, notes Videology, is its own content. Putting that content online lets interested viewers see and interact with it.

For TV viewing, previews work better for younger viewers. Videology found that adults 18 to 54 were highly motivated to see a show after watching a preview. For those 55 and over, flipping channels was the best motivator.

The survey also found that 63 percent of respondents often or occasionally searched for information about TV programs online.

For movies, the survey found that for adults under 55, watching a trailer was an influential factor in deciding to see a movie. Watching movie trailers online, however, doesn’t often lead to purchasing tickets online: only 10 percent of respondents bought tickets on their computer or mobile device.

Videology’s findings come from a survey of 379 people questioned in June, 2012. The company didn’t provide a margin of error.

Video drives video, the report finds: online video viewing strongly influences TV- and movie-viewing decisions. Visit Videology’s Whitepapers page to download the full report for free.


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