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Rightster Reveals How it Improved the Guardian’s YouTube Channel

Nowadays, companies need to have a successful online video presence, even when they don’t have the skills in-house to fully optimize those channels. That need has resulted in a new type of service company, one that specializes in improving online video effectiveness.

The first type of company like this that we’ve come across is Rightster, which is based in London. Rightster is a video services company that’s able to work in a variety of areas, including video distribution, marketing, and monetization. The company’s founder and CEO, Charlie Muirhead, discovered the need for simple online video optimization roughly five years ago when working in an online video venture.

Creating strong online video is only half the battle. Companies also need to get that video seen by a large audience and generate revenue. That’s where Rightster is active, and it’s built its own software, as well as an ecosystem of third-party partners (including ad networks, exchanges, and distribution sites), to help it succeed.

Rightster has an innovative payment method. It doesn’t charge anything upfront, but takes a percentage of the extra income that it’s able to get its customers. That gives the company extra incentive to succeed, says Muirhead. Revenue can come from ads, licensing agreements, or pay-per-view fees, to name a few.

One of Rightster’s larger customers is U.K. newspaper The Guardian, which hired Rightster to improve its YouTube channels. YouTube is an evolving ecosystem, says Muirhead, and the goal is to create a global audience that will come back for more videos.

Rightster used these techniques, among others, to improve the Guardian Youtube channel:

  • Restructuring and Rebranding: It’s important to think about the number of YouTube channels that a site has. For sites that offer a lot of video content, it’s a good idea to split those videos among several channels, so that subscribers can see the content that interests them most. This encourages multiple subscriptions, which keeps subscribers coming back. But be careful: offer too many channels and there won’t be enough new content to support them. Rebranding and organizing the channels was an important step.
  • Navigation: Once a site has multiple channels, it needs effective navigation to let viewers easily jump between them.
  • Content: Rightster doesn’t create video content for the Guardian, but it held workshops with the staff to offer advice on content that works online. The idea is to improve total watch time and attract viewers.

Rightster currently manages over 150 YouTube channels and recently launched Rightster Studios to produce online videos for sites that don’t have the in-house resources to do so. It’s currently only working with existing clients, but will expand to outside companies in the near future.

Scroll down to see how Rightster improved the Guardian’s music channel.

Guardian Music, before Rightster:

Guardian Music, after Rightster:


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