Mutual Fund Companies Discover Online Video Marketing

For any companies still wondering whether or not online video is right for them, consider this: mutual fund companies have taken to online video, and are finding it a useful tool for spreading their messages and gaining new customers.

That news comes from the August 6, 2012, Wall Street Journal, which tells how some companies are experimenting with different approaches and getting good results. Online video is still viewed as risky for fund companies, the paper notes, as some are concerned that the wrong video could tarnish their image or put them on the wrong side of industry regulations.

The Journal spotlights approaches taken by a few different mutual fund companies. BlackRock Inc., for example, created the animated video below to explain the basics of exchange-traded funds using a metaphor about flowers.

BlackRock is trying to educate new investors. Ivy Funds, however, took a different approach in this video, called “The Piranha Tank.” It stars the company’s chief executive officer, Henry Herrmann, and illustrates Ivy’s rigorous, demanding, and aggressive corporate culture.

Taking a far different approach still is Vanguard Group, which looks at retirement through the eyes of a group of children. Like BlackRock, Vanguard is trying to reach new investors, but this video was designed to be used in non-financial channels, such as social networking sites and movie theaters.

Taken together, they show that online video can help even the most conservative companies deliver their messages, and that there are many ways to reach an audience with online video.


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