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9 Tips on Marketing Your Company with YouTube

YouTube: You’ve got to use it, so put some effort into getting the best possible results.

If your company creates online videos, you probably have a YouTube account already where you post your work. After all, YouTube is the most-visited video site by far. You’d be crazy to throw away that kind of potential traffic.

But simply uploading videos is the least you can do. To help you get more from your time, Black Box Social Media has created a report with the following nine YouTube Marketing tips. If you’ve got a product or a service to promote, study these tips and put them into practice.

Do your research. This tip is a fun one. It means spend the day watching videos and seeing what works. What videos in your business category get the most views or comments? Which have the highest ratings? It’s not always the slick, professionally produced videos that get the strongest results.

Have an angle. The videos that do the best are often funny or present useful information. Think how you can present your product or service in a way that people will want to watch.

Think value. You’re creating a commercial, but it shouldn’t feel like a commercial. Offer the viewer something of value for his or her time.

Popularize your address. Create a YouTube channel for your brand and you’ll get a URL for that channel. Use that address on all your marketing materials and social networking pages.

Interact with your fans. Once you start getting comments from your viewers, interact with them. Answering comments is a great way to show that your company is responsive.

Respond to others. YouTube lets video creators post their videos as responses to other videos. Create video responses to popular videos that touch on your business area.

Create a call to action. After viewing your video, should viewers visit your site? Watch other videos? Subscribe to your channel? Let them know and provide a link so that they can easily do it.

Film in HD. Yes, high-definition video takes more space, but it’s preferred by viewers. Record your videos in HD and upload HD clips to YouTube.

Use keywords. Many people will find your videos by searching, so use keywords to pull in as many views as possible. Place relevant keywords in the title and the description for each video.


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