News Creates Quality Online Videos for Under $40

Companies looking for a video calling card should take a glance at, a service recently launched by Danish company Mersica. It uses templates to turn out attractive, professional-looking videos. It’s the price, however, that’s the real show-stopper: videos range from $9 to $39.

At the moment, the site offers 78 video templates. Several seem right for aspiring artists, including actors, musicians, and dancers. Others seem right for travel companies, hotels, or restaurants. With their customization options, however, they’re all highly flexible.

When buyers click on any template from the site they’ll get that video’s length and price, as well as options. Those include the amount of text space available and the number of slots for photos or videos. After making a selection, buyers can customize the text, graphics, and music.

Besides being inexpensive, is fast. Moves are ready in 30 minutes. The service turns out high-resolution 1080p videos that can be uploaded to a YouTube account or any other video hosting service.

In the terms of service page, Mersica discloses that around 15 templates were provides by Free AE Templates. Buyers who choose one of those will be required to sign up at that company’s website. It’s probably not a bad trade-off for a low-cost video.

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried and let us know how it went. While the samples look impressive, we’d like to hear some real-world results.

Update: We asked for real-world results and were pleased to get one close to home. Joel Unickow, publisher for this site and, created the following video to publicize’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards. The cost: only $9. Unickow says the procedure is simple, and that users are given three previews before the final output. That’s good, because, he notes, users aren’t told about the character limit in advance. The finished video outputted to his YouTube account automatically. He’d like to see more templates in the 15- to 30-second range.


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  1. For the purpose of review, is giving free credits to the media so they can try creating a video. Just contact them and provide the email you used to sign-up with.

    Posted by Mario | July 25, 2012, 1:30 pm
  2. Thanks for trying out the service.

    We agree with you in that more 15-30 are needed… Many visitors just don’t have enough footage and nice photos for the larger templates. The majority of templates are around 1 minute.

    With 15-30 sec’s templates, usually they are more text based, so its easier for people to create… So the next templates to be introduced will be text-based and short…

    Posted by Mario | July 28, 2012, 7:53 pm
  3. This is an interesting approach. I hadn’t really considered it because Section of the After Effects license seems to prohibit automated server processing like this.

    So I’m curious – did Adobe grant WebMovieMaker a special license exception to allow this?

    Posted by rectalogic | August 31, 2012, 12:01 pm
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