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Video Animation Company Ydraw Offers 3 Tips for Video Marketing

Glance around the Ydraw site and you’re sure to be impressed. The company creates animated whiteboard-style videos custom made for clients’ needs. The illustrations are cartoony and fun, while the videos deliver messages effectively to online viewers. There are several examples on the Ydraw site, if you need proof.

While creating videos for clients, Ydraw has also learned a few things about pleasing the online viewing audience. That’s why it released three tips for getting great results from social video marketing.

1. Keep videos on social networking sites interesting and engaging: You want people to watch and share your videos, so be sure they pull in an audience. Ydraw also recommends using a tool like Klout to analyze social media results. It measures results across platforms, Ydraw says, and can strengthen connections between social sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

2. Don’t mix personal social networking accounts with business accounts. We’ve all seen small businesspeople who use their Facebook or their Twitter account for both business messages and family updates. Don’t do it, advises Ydraw. Business customers don’t want to see family party pics, and friends will yawn at updates on business statistics.

3. Don’t buy your views; earn them. Yes, there are ways to buy likes or views for a marketing video, but if you have to pay for results, those results have no value. Instead, earn video views and likes by posting excellent videos that people want to watch and share.

Ydraw also recommends that companies put some human responses into their social networking messages, so that customers can better engage with that brand emotionally.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m thinking about starting a small animated marketing video production business. I love to animate videos but I’ve always had trouble finding good, high traffic places to post them.

    Posted by Holly James | March 13, 2013, 2:54 pm
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