How to Maximize Sharing for Your Videos

Getting viewers to share your company’s videos is like getting free advertising: your customers are doing the works of spreading your content for you, and because they’re sharing it with friends over Facebook, Twitter, and other networks, those videos are more likely to be viewed.

Since sharing is incredibly valuable, put a little effort into making sure your content is attractive for sharing.

In an interview, David Sasson, the chief operating officer for content recommendation firm Outbrain, gave pointers on how to increase social sharing.

“I think one of the underrated aspects of sharing, that publishers are starting to pay more and more attention to, is the actual titling of the piece of content,” offered Sasson.

Your customers will share content because it’s good, it’s meaningful, it’s new, it’s interesting — but that’s only half the battle.

“The other half is, once they share it how do you make sure the audiences who see that shared link will click on it and will actually come back through and consume that piece of content?” asked Sasson.

The answer is to make sure the shared link looks attractive and appealing. You have two tools to make that happen.

Title: Give your videos titles that promise useful information, a fun experience, or anything else that will appeal. Be sure they’re short enough that they don’t get cut off on other sites.

Thumbnail: When your videos are pushed into Facebook or another social site, their thumbnail images will be displayed. Hand-select the best frame for each video to be the thumbnail.

“We look at click-through rate on a site. We present links of content-recommended links, and we look at how many of those, what percentage of those get clicked. I think one of the things that’s been ignored for a little bit is how does that kind of operation happen in a social environment,” said Sasson.

“It’s not enough to just get it shared. Of course, that’s the first step. But the second is how do you make sure it’s interesting and enticing enough that people will click back through to it once it has been shared.”

To view the full interview, including Sasson’s tips on what types of content people want to consume at different types of day, watch the full video below (used courtesy of Beet.TV).


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