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Five Tips for Business Video Success

The tips that matter most are the ones that come from real-world experience, and that’s where these five come in. They were created by Vid4Pro, a site where companies large and small post their videos. It’s a marketing site that helps companies get exposure, benefit from improved search rankings, and show their videos in a safe, ad-free environment.

The people at Vid4Pro noticed that some hosted videos were viewed and shared much more often than others. They analyzed what those successful videos had in common and came up with these five tips. Want your next video to shine? Put these tips to work.

1. Create Keyword-Rich Titles: People do judge books by their covers, and they definitely judge videos by their titles. A great title reaches out and pulls viewers in. Make them stop what they’re doing and click Play. Use relevant keywords and you’ll more likely rank higher with Google, as well.

2. Tell a Story: Don’t just rehash your marketing messages. Nobody wants to watch that — not even your most ardent customers. Instead, tell a story. Explain the benefits of your product or service with a narrative. That helps you build creativity and makes your ideas easy to understand.

3. Flash Your Logo: While your viewers are enjoying your story, let them know who’s video they’re watching. Place your company’s logo discretely in one corner, or else show it a few times in the video itself, wherever it feels natural. The best video branding is unobtrusive, Vid4Pro finds, but still makes an impression.

4. Drive an Action: Most business videos are simply created to drive awareness of a company, product, or service. The best performing ones, however, prompt the viewer to take some kind of action. Spur your viewers to make a purchase, read more information, or call one of your salespeople.

5. Seed Your Video: Once you’ve got a great video, you need to make sure the right people see it. Video seeding is the process of putting your video in front of the right audiences. Rather than simply dumping your video in YouTube, request that sites appropriate to your target audience embed your creation. Businesspeople, Vid4Pro notes, are more likely to watch your videos on business-related sites than on YouTube.

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